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About the Game

Cold Commander 1991 is an aircraft management game that puts you in the shoes of a USAF commander in training. Complete several simulations based on past events using Cold War aircrafts. 

The aim is to complete as many missions as you can, deploying a variety of aircraft based on the most suited craft for the mission. Keep in mind the tension meter which is continually rising. Successfully completing missions will reduce the tension whilst failure will raise it and have lasting consequences.

This game was created for the Imperial War Museum Duxford Game Jam 2019.

About Us

We are a Dundee-based games studio, aiming to create fun and original games. 

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Your game happend to just to have came up on Itch.IO when I was making my daily episode of playing the newest games on Itch.IO. I myself am a developer and have been on a daily basis playing new Itch.IO games to try and get your games out there a little more along with giving you some personal feedback on some stuff that you could do to improve your game. The video containing your game should be up tomorrow and I would recommend following my channel so you are notified when it comes available. Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXoSYqva_jP83Ah3YOZx8eQ?view_as=subscriber

Thanks for playing it! We look forward to hearing what you think about the prototype.